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Portrait Session Details


Expressions, personality, smiles and love:  that's what I see behind the lens and what I want to capture in your photographs!  I shoot exclusively on location, using natural light.  Sometimes I use portable off-camera lighting as well.  Late spring through fall are the most comfortable options - and comfort is key for a fabulous photograph!  Choose a favorite location, whether it be a park, the beach, an urban area or your own backyard.  I can offer suggestions, too!  Sessions should be scheduled for mornings or late afternoons for the best lighting.   


As far as what to wear: comfortable is best!   Your photos will look timeless if you keep it simple.  Avoid lots of patterns and logos and bring a change of clothes for variety.  Adults look best in casual clothing like jeans, khakis or sundresses.  Children look great in simple colorful clothes (and bare feet is always an option)!



For high school senior portraits mid tone or darker colors work well.  Black, blue, brown, red, burgundy, purple and gray are especially nice.  Avoid white or green as generally they don't work as well in an outdoor setting.  Bring another outfit or two, even if it's just another shirt or sweater.  Also, for the ladies bring a brush and lipstick, even if it's a light shade to bring out your lips.


For family sessions make sure everyone is well rested and well fed.  And bring some snacks to have on hand, too.


For head shots plain colors are your best choice as patterns distract and date your photo. Small prints are okay if you want a more comfortable look.  Choose mid-tone colors in blue, green, wine and purple because they are universally flattering.  Avoid cream, beige, pastels, peach and yellow as they will blend your face into your clothes.  And avoid bright orange and red unless you are feeling super confident!  Stark black and white are not good choices as they photograph harshly.  Substitute chocolate, navy, maroon and forest green for black.  Choose a top that accentuates your eyes!  That's why jewel tones work so well.

For women a modest V-neck is universally flattering because it lengthens the neck. Fine to medium gauge knits work well because they introduce a textural interest.  If you wear a jacket also wear a collarless top to keep the neckline simple and sleek.  Crisply ironed shirts by themselves frame the face beautifully.